Jac St-Hilaire — Founding president

By owning and operating his own businesses for many years, the founder gained an expertise in a range of commercial activities related to UAV. Graduated from l'école Nationale d'Aérotechnique as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer he has a vast experience in aeronautical engineering, ranging from maintenance, inspection to airworthiness. Based in many northern regions of Canada as Chief Engineer being responsible for airworthiness of many rotary aircraft, he acquired a strong technical and operational understanding of a fleet of aircraft in respect of air regulation with government authorities. Holder of a pilot and a Rotary Aircraft Mechanic Engineering licences from Transport Canada, he is familiar with all regulations involved in such of UAV activities. After many years in the Aeronautical industry in Canada, he graduated at Laval University, as a Bachelor in Business Administration and followed English and Spanish literature at Glendon College at York University.

During his past ownership, he also worked with high level security management as supplier and consultant for provincial and Federal law enforcement and different ministries including Department of Defence of Canada in regard of disposal of classified information. Jac knows how valuable the good information, the best Vision for a good Action is. Holder of a Master Diploma in International Studies from l'école Nationale d'Administration Publique (ENAP), he has the perfect background to complete a good commercial relation.

From his years in a business acting as fuel management consultant, with activities like transport of dangerous goods, Jac understands rules and environmental impacts. All these experiences strengthen his belief that proper vision with action can change the world!

Philippe Laliberté — Chief Technology Officer

Philippe is a global system integrator and a strategic consultant since 2000. Before that, he worked on projects with Sun and Apple on web based architecture patterns in Montréal, Canada.

His role as CTO of FENNECH is to provide a human centric, highly scalable and very lean solution.

Philippe's early work in Banking was with Société Generale, located in Paris, then Madrid and London, working as an IT architect consultant on a number of time critical projects including the pan-european payments and cash management platform for corporates. His work has since encompassed a wide variety of sectors ranging from bank treasury management to the entertainment industry and in locations from North America to India. Recently his focus has been mostly on global cash management (Payment Factories, Account Management, Accounting), retirement funds management and change management.

Phillipe is also CEO of La Cité, LP based in Québec, Canada and has led the successful growth of this company since its beginning in 2011.