Drone detection

A Partnership


Jac St Hilaire, founding President of DRONE VISION INTERNATIONAL in Lévis, is happy to announce a collaborative agreement with CERBAIR and its team, headed by Lucas Le Bell, Co-Founder and CEO.

CERBAIR detect Detection CERBAIR characterize Characterization CERBAIR neutralize Neutralization

CerbAir, a French defense and security company, was launched to protect all sensitive sites from civilian drones after an alarming increase in drone-related incidents. Strongly convinced that airspace security is a concern shared by all, CerbAir offers the most cost-effective and customizable solutions on the market thanks to its tool-box approach. Through advanced radio frequency sensor technology, CerbAir solutions are able to detect, characterize and neutralize all drone threats in real-time with a near perfect detection rate.

Security Challenge

CerbAir's drone detection solutions are the perfect answer to a number of drone-related security challenges:

  • Contraband: drone transport of illegal or dangerous materials to a site
  • Attack: weaponized drones capable of carrying explosives or chemical/bio weapons
  • Espionage: spy drones survey sites, photograph sensitive documents and eavesdrop
  • Collision: falling drones can jeopardize the safety of workers and visitors and cause property damage

Detection: Radio-Frequency

CERBAIR antenna CERBAIR antenna Antenna

The cornerstone of CerbAir's technology, its Radio-Frequency Sensors coupled with a wide range of high-reliability antennas enable drone detection to a distance of beyond 2 kilometres depending on the site (up to 5 kilometres in optimal conditions).

Detecting both Wi-Fi and RF-controlled drones, the sensors scan the frequencies most commonly used by drone operators and can thus pick-up a drone's digital "scent" from the moment the remote controller or drone is powered up, before it even has the chance to take off.

Flexible System Adapted to Your Needs

CerbAir offers four types of anti-drone systems adaptable to every client's needs:

  • Fixed Solution for permanent protection 24/7
  • Mobile Solution for the temporary protection of sensitive sites or events
  • Portable Backpack solution for on-foot protection
  • Vehicle Solution for the protection of moving targets and convoys

All solutions are offered in Directional (90° detection) or 360° (full coverage detection) configurations.