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Mister Jac St Hilaire, founding President of DRONE VISION INTERNATIONAL in Lévis, is happy to announce a collaborative agreement with the firm LA CITÉ, LP and its team, lead by mister Philippe Laliberté, Chairman and managing director.

With the expertise of the LA CITÉ, LP team, the new technologies of « location georeferenced » become one of the solutions offered to bring « a drone vision WITHOUT the drone ! ».

With the help of receivers, miniaturized transmitters and Application Programming Interface (API) for geolocation, developped by LA CITÉ, LP, that the technology will not only be possible inside buildings (manufactures, wharehouse, publics edifices), but also on outside sites that could be covered thanks to mobile and autonomous towers of DRONE VISION INTERNATIONAL.


The geolocation or georeferencing is a process allowing to pinpoint an object (a person, etc.) referenced on a plan or a map with their vectorized coordinates in positions X, Y and Z with an always greater précision. Platforms already existing for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) more complete on the market are now available. With the collaboration of LA CITÉ, LP, it is a complete solution with equipments, softwares, tools and services, all in one platform adapted to your needs. Our system is extremely polyvalent and exemples were applied in multiple different industries, including health care, retail, sports, transports, manufacture and construction

It will now be possible to locate in real time persons (staff, providers, sub-contractors, visitors) and equipments efficiently in a given perimetre with the antennas and transmitters system. Equipment installation to be used is simple. In your buildings, light and discrete antennas are easily affixed to existing structures. Outside, water and dust resistant antennas are located on trailers with telescopic masts up to 9 metres. The small transmitters used are water and impact resistants, and have a long duration battery (BLE technology). It is also possible to detect transmitters softwares, meaning all the devices using BLE technology


Every business had to deal with the follwing situations :

  • How much time has the team spent on site?
  • Are safety zones respected ?
  • Has the sub-contractor left?
  • Has the delivery person respected access zones?
  • An emergency technician is required for help, but where is he/she on the site?
  • How to locate emergency personnel?

All these situations lose time and money to businesses. Our geolocation system allow an immediate location of the equipment and/or the staff, to directly collect working data, to know exactly the time spent on site, its occupation and working zones. An analysis of the collected data allows you to be well informed to take decisions and determine the actions to take. Planning, time saving, vandalism, work health and safety, you'll know what is happening.

I sport, you can know the position of your players with the transmitters. You will also be able to determine the acceleration and the deceleration of a participant. You'll hence have the information to evaluate the force exercised on the head or the body of this player during contact, in order to determine the risks of concussion.

In retail, you can identify specific zones (and not only positions), and allow parents of a child equipped with a transmitter to recive an alert if the child is in one of these zones.

Multiple applications :

  • Monitoring and safety of persons;
  • Monitoring of medical intervention staff;
  • Verification of crowd during events;
  • Behavioral studies;
  • Play analysis of athletic events;
  • Movement detection;
  • Break in detection;
  • SOS button with message;
  • Navigation to interventions location;
  • Vehicles monitoring;
  • Exit of zones;
  • Verticality detection;
  • Proximity calculation;
  • Pieces monitoring.

The advantages of such a system are numerous :

  • Fast deployment;
  • Real time location of teams;
  • Better intervention time;
  • Precise archivage of intervention moves;
  • Instant and mobile definition of confinement perimeter;
  • Exact location of incident;
  • Discretion of equipments used;
  • Low cost of the technology;
  • Most advanced service of the market;
  • Improved insurance rates.

It is simple to create new uses at needed. Contact us to develop your project.