A Sophisticated Observation System

A Sophisticated Observation System

Our Vertical Solution consists of mobile trailer with a telescopic pole of a maximum height of 9 meters on which a set of light and infrared cameras controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. The height allows to observe a 100 m radius area. Our solution consists of, amongst others, one or more trailers networked that can both complement and replace traditional security personnel, patrols, and fixed surveillance cameras. The units (trailers) are independant mobile video observation stations that can record and transmit directly on the mobile networks. Thus, individuals potentially entering a controlled area are detected using an integrated image analysis system immediately sending all the images to our control center or the authorized third party through the secure 3G network 24h/24.

Self-sufficient Using Green Energy

In addition to the public electric grid connection, trailers are self-sufficient in energy use, with a green and silent power source generated by batteries and solar panels. Hence, they can be autonomous for hours without human intervention and without support from the grid. Moreover, all our trailers could be equiped with speakers for remote verbal warnings and a weather station allowing access to real time data.

Online System

Each trailer has its own internal computer on board, network video recorder, which can be accessed remotely (via internet) securely from any computer or mobile device (smartphone). NVR (Network Video Recorders) also allow you to connect via Wi-Fi application in a radius of about 500 metres from the source (trailer) allowing secure viewing by others around the controlled area.

The advantage of the system is the capability to offer high definition images with its digital infrared cameras producing a better image quality day or night, surpassing the traditional optical camera. Our Vertical Solution can be put in place according to the client's needs for a few days to several months. The system can be put to work automatically on the client's daily schedule. Completely autonomous in terms of energy and transmission, Our Vertical Solution is fast and efficient.