CERBAIR anti-drone

Protecting sensitive sites
from malevolent drones
Nov 2020

French leading anti-drone company

Since 2015, CERBAIR has been pioneering the emerging anti-drone industry. By constantly refining our solutions in close relationship with highdemanding operators, CERBAIR provides field proven solutions known for their reliability, flexibility and affordability.

CERBAIR manufactures its solutions in France and closely works with all major French institutions (MOD, MOI, MOJ).

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Drones : a growing concern

For the past 5 years, drones have been bypassing traditional security measures designed to protect sensitive sites around the world. This emerging threat requires radical changes from the entire security industry, pivoting from a 2-dimensional approach to a 3d one able to fight off these new aerial challenges.

The stakes are very high, as drones constitute the perfect accessible tool for criminals to attack our societies with total impunity.


Terrorist, cyber...


Prisons, borders...


Military bases, corporate sites...


Aircrafts, helicopters...

4 Drone threat types

Civilian drones have repeatedly shown their ability to bypass traditional security measures and pose 4 main threats to sensitive sites and people around the world.

Our mission

CERBAIR secures its clients' near airspace with high-tech solutions. To cope with the asymmetrical threat posed by drones, CERBAIR aims at democratizing high-performing solutions to protect the many with its unique approach:

The drone threat spectrum

Comparison of drone detection technologies

Four technologies are used to detect a NATO Class I drone:

Controllingthe RF spectrum is the key

Although all anti-drone technologies have their respective pros and cons, radiofrequency technologies – whether for detection or neutralization - are the most balanced technologies to ward off NATO class I drones. They are therefore the most logical and cost-effective technologies when it comes to assembling a single or multi-tech CUAV solution.

The drone "kill chain"

Comprehensive anti-drone solution



CERBAIR's core technology, HYDRA is a range of drone detection solutions based on radiofrequency analysis.

Ultimate rampart against drone attacks, MEDUSA is a range of drone neutralization solutions based on electromagnetic (EM) jamming.

Real anti-drone « Swiss knife », CHIMERA allows to detect, locate and neutralize rogue drones with unmatched mobility.

How does detection work?


HYDRA sensors receive, digitalize and analyze raw RF signals by scanning the RF spectrum utilization on the bands that drones and their Remote Controls (RC) communicate on This process is passive therefore causing no interference to surrounding networks


Our drone detection software uses artificial intelligence and detection algorithms to look for unique patterns defining drone/RC protocols of communications efficiently discriminating drones from other objects (such as WiFi networks)


CERBAIR's software processes all the information from sensors and alerts security operators of the presence and location of drones AND their pilots The information is displayed in a simplified and very ergonomic User Interface (UI) to help out clients to take the right action

How does neutralization work?


To fly, drones rely on 3 channels:

  • The uplink so that the pilot can fly the drone in real time
  • The downlink allowing the transmission of live video stream and telemetry information to its pilot in real time
  • GNSS helps the drone to geolocate via satellites in real time.

By emitting an electromagnetic interference, smart jamming allows to hinder those communications. As long as a channel is jammed, its communication is interrupted Smart Jamming can either saturate all channels or pick one of them to produce specific effects (loss of video stream, Return To Home of drone, etc.).


Once one or several of these channels are jammed, the drone automatically triggers its emergency procedure chosen chosen before take off:

  • Safe landing
  • Return to Home
  • Hover until battery is depleted, then automatic safe landing.

What our partners say about us

« We value CERBAIR’s leading European expertise in the counter drone warfare, combining field acquired experience and great professionalism. Since NAVAL GROUP was established, we have sought to support promising SMEs, so as to complement our systems with their innovative offers. »

« We have been lucky to work with CERBAIR when we were assessing the systems on the market to protect Airbus sites Their deep knowledge of the environment and systems, their ability to take all constraints in consideration and their never ending thirst for finding realistic and pragmatic solutions, make them a partner of choice. »

« Involved in the early phase implementation of CHIMERA, the RAID has enjoyed being able to limit the missions of detection, localization and neutralization to a single hardware base This innovative piece of equipment has been key to our mission of protecting sensitive personnel and events, such as the 2019 G 7 in Biarritz, France. »

« As a long term privileged partner of CERBAIR, MBDA has had the pleasure to experience CERBAIR's great professionalism. The seriousness, expertise and agility of their team have not gone unnoticed Combining versatile, cost effective and scalable solutions, MBDA believes that CERBAIR can comply with the market's growing demand for a portable and mobile anti drone system »